On accepting criticism of template design

Logo Watt
2 min readJul 1, 2023

Some individuals tend to be resistant to accepting criticism regarding their own mistakes or decisions based on the errors of their partners. This phenomenon is particularly evident in companies where a group of senior managers approves a design (logo and/or website) that later turns out to be unsuccessful, created from a pre-made template.

For instance, let’s consider the case of several logos that share visual similarities. Here are a few examples (as of early 2023): Air Clinic (Turkey), Anchor Spa-Hotel-Restaurant (Russia), and Aiperon School of Thinking (Ukraine). Undoubtedly, there are others as well; these are just a few examples. All of these logos are based on the letter “A” symbol with a crossbar resembling the trail of an airplane or a star.

Why does this happen?

Firstly, the fact is that all these logos did not undergo a qualitative elementary assessment. Secondly, people often prefer to stick to familiar and safe solutions, even if they might turn out unoriginal or detrimental. This could be attributed to the fear of stepping outside the norms or simply the unwillingness to admit mistakes. Thirdly, some individuals also experience uncertainty or fear towards change, which leads to resistance to criticism and new ideas.

However, it is important to recognize that embracing mistakes and criticism is an integral part of growth and development. By learning from mistakes and preparing for new challenges, one can achieve greater success and innovation. Rather than staying within the comfort zone and adhering to templated solutions, it is worth opening up to new possibilities and experiments.

Please, do not limit yourself to templates and standard solutions. Embrace creativity, experimentation, and the acceptance of criticism. If you are seeking a unique logo (and website) design that reflects your brand philosophy and stands out from competitors, feel free to reach out! Your ideas will be happily transformed into a distinctive and memorable design.